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Art Environments in the United States

"That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great."
Willa Cather

"Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!"
Edward FitzGerald's translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Q: "Is this your vision?"
A: "It's about living and life and everything I've learned."
Kenny Hill, upon being asked to explain
the meaning of his sculpture garden

  Maps of U.S. Art Environments

  Maps of World Art Environments

  A Tribute to Seymour Rosen

  An Index of Artists' Gravesites

Existing Art Environments

*Listed by state, in alphabetical order
*See separate "In Memoriam" section at bottom of page for environments no longer extant

  African Village in America, Birmingham, Alabama

  Ave Maria Grotto, Cullman, Alabama

  The Cross Garden, Prattville, Alabama

  Dionicio Rodriguez in Birmingham, Alabama

  Arctic Brotherhood Hall, Skagway, Alaska

  Eliphante, Cornville, Arizona

  Louis Lee's Rock Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

  Mystery Castle, Phoenix, Arizona

  Sunnyslope Rock Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

  Dionicio Rodriguez in North Little Rock, Arkansas

  Bottle Village, Simi Valley, California

  Old Trapper's Lodge (relocated to Woodland Hills, California)

  Salvation Mountain, Niland, California

  The Watts Towers, Watts, California (+ Scale Model)

  Bishop Castle, near Beulah, Colorado

  Cano's Castle, Antonito, Colorado

    The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly, Washington, DC

  Pasaquan, near Buena Vista, Georgia

  Pope's Museum, near Cairo, Georgia

  LaFleur Grotto, Byron, Ilinois

  The Providence Home Geode Grotto, Jasper, Indiana

  The Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, Iowa

  Father Paul Dobberstein's "Satellite Grottoes" in Iowa

  Jolly Ridge, Guttenberg, Iowa

  L.J. Massdam's Wheel Tower, near Grinnell, Iowa

  Our Mother of Sorrows Grotto, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  The Rock Wall at the Porter House, Decorah, Iowa

  Martha Timm's Rock Garden, New Hampton, Iowa

  The Boyer Museum, Belleville, Kansas

  The Garden of Eden, Lucas, Kansas

  M.T. Liggett's Totems, Mullinville, Kansas

  Kenny Hill's Sculpture Garden, Chauvin, Louisiana

  The Home of Dr. Charles Smith, Hammond, Louisiana

  The UCM Museum, Abita Springs, Louisiana

  The Paper House, Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts

  The Shrine of the Pines, Baldwin, Michigan

  Ak-Sar-Ben Garden, near Aitkin, Minnesota

  Itasca (Christensen) Rock Garden, Albert Lea, Minnesota

  Molehill, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

  The Home of Werner & Thekla Muense, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  The Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos, Eureka, Missouri

  Palace of Depression, Vineland, New Jersey

  Dionicio Rodriguez in Clayton, New Mexico

  The Shaffer Hotel, Mountainair, New Mexico

  The Tile House, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Tinkertown, Sandia Park, New Mexico

  The Sculpture Garden of Bobby Valdez, Las Vegas, New Mexico

  Isaiah Robertson's Second Coming House, Niagara Falls, New York

  Brown's Flower Shop (The Future Past), Littleton, North Carolina

  Haw River Crossing (The Critter Crossing), Bynum, North Carolina

  Shangri-La, Prospect Hill, North Carolina

  Vollis Simpson's Whirligigs, Lucama, North Carolina

  Chateau LaRoche, Loveland, Ohio

  The Hartman Rock Garden, Springfield, Ohio

  Henry Church Rock, Bentleyville, Ohio

  The Temple of Tolerance, Wapakoneta, Ohio

  Totem Pole Park, Foyil, Oklahoma

  The Petersen Rock Gardens, Redmond, Oregon

  Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  Concrete City (relocated to Columbia, South Carolina)

  Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden, Bishopville, South Carolina

  Petrified Wood Park, Lemmon, South Dakota

  Dionicio Rodriguez's Crystal Shrine Grotto, Memphis, Tennessee

  The Mindfield, Brownsville, Tennessee

  E.T. Wickham Stone Park, Palmyra, Tennessee

  The Beer Can House, Houston, Texas

  Casa de Azucar, El Paso, Texas

  Cascada de Piedra Pinta, San Angelo, Texas

  The Cathedral of Junk, Austin, Texas

  "The Decoupage House", Galveston, Texas

  The Orange Show, Houston, Texas (+ The Art Car Parade)

  Dionicio Rodriguez in San Antonio, Texas

  Dionicio Rodriguez in Southeast Texas

  Smut Putt Heaven, Austin, Texas

  Village of Travel Memories in Miniature, San Antonio, Texas

  The "Word of God" House, Houston, Texas

  The Art of Loy Bowlin (relocated to Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

  The Forevertron, near Baraboo, Wisconsin

  Grandview, Hollandale, Wisconsin

  Holy Ghost Grotto, Dickeyville, Wisconsin

  The Art of Carl Peterson (relocated to Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

  Prairie Moon Garden, near Cochrane, Wisconsin

  The Rudolph Grotto and Wonder Cave, Rudolph, Wisconsin

  Tellen Woodland Sculpture Garden, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

  Wegner Grotto, Cataract, Wisconsin

  Wisconsin Concrete Park, Phillips, Wisconsin

Links to More Existing
Art Environments

*Listed by state, in alphabetical order

Tom Hendrix's Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall (Te-lah-nay's Wall), Lauderdale County, Alabama

Butch Anthony's Museum of Wonder, Seale, Alabama

Valley of the Moon, Tucson, Arizona

Lacey Michele's Castle, Omaha, Arkansas

The Art of Patrick Amiot, Sebastopol, California

Karen Collins' African-American Miniature Museum, Compton, California

Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch, Oro Grande, California

Cabot's Pueblo Museum, Desert Hot Springs, California

Bob Carr's Crystal Cave (at Sky Village Outdoor Marketplace), Yucca Valley, California

Desert View Tower and Boulder Park, Jacumba, California

Taya Doro Mitchell's Home Interior, Oakland, California

The East Jesus Community Sculpture Garden, near Niland, California

George Ehling's Mosaic Tile House, Los Angeles, California

The Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno, California

The Statues of Ken Fox, Auburn, California

Romano Gabriel's Wooden Sculpture Garden (storefront relocation), Eureka, California

Haunted Shack Gardens, Pasadena, California

Litto Damonte's Hubcap Ranch, Pope Valley, California

Granny's Empire of Art (AKA Granny's Cottage / Granny's Grannyboot), San Francisco, California

The remaining remnants of Hulaville at the Route 66 Museum, Victorville, California

Magical Nipton Sculpture Garden, Nipton, California

Art Beal's Nitt Witt Ridge, Cambria, California

Pacific Grove Butterfly House, Pacific Grove, California

The sculptures of Noah Purifoy, Joshua Tree, California

Randy Lawrence's Randyland, Los Angeles, California

Kenny Irwin, Jr.'s Robolights, Desert Hot Springs, California

Samuelson's Rocks, Twentynine Palms, California

The Bottle Chapel at Tio's Taco's, Riverside, California

Axel Erlandson's Tree Circus (relocated), Gilroy, California

World Famous Crochet Museum, Joshua Tree, California

Chris's Granite Paradise, Fort Collins, Colorado

Roy O. Smith's Royville, near Saguache, Colorado

Swetsville Zoo, Fort Collins, Colorado

Holyland USA, Waterbury, Connecticut

Donald Morgan's Volunteering for Jamaica, Washington, District of Columbia

Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida

Calhoun Rock Garden, Calhoun, Georgia

Howard Finster's Paradise Garden, Pennville, Georgia

St. Benedict Painted Church, Captain Cook, Hawaaii

Star of the Sea Painted Church, Pahoa, Hawaaii

Bill Larkin's Birdhouse Yard, near Loogootee, Indiana (NOTE: Bill Larkin passed in 2022, the property may be closed to visitors.)

the remaining remnants of B.J. Palmer's A Little Bit O' Heaven, Davenport, Iowa

the statues of Fred Reinders, Hospers, Iowa

Glenn Stark Park, Kingman, Kansas

Florence Deeble's Rock Garden, Lucas, Kansas

Miller's Park, Lucas, Kansas

Charles Gillam's Folk Art Zone, New Orleans, Louisiana

Juanita Leonard's House and Church, Montgomery, Louisiana

Adam Morales' Adam's Cypress Swamp Driftwood Family Museum, Pierre Part, Louisiana

Bernard Langlais Sculpture Preserve, Cushing, Maine

Three Sisters Sanctuary, Goshen, Massachusetts

Clarke Bedford's Art House, Hyattsville, Maryland

The Heidelberg Project, Detroit, Michigan

Kaleva Bottle House, Kaleva, Michigan

The Legs Inn, Cross Village, Michigan

McCourtie Park, Somerset Center, Michigan

John Pratt's Mosaic House, near Midland, Michigan

Ellsworth Rock Gardens, Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

H.P. Pedersen's Filling Station & Scenic Rock Garden, Arco, Minnesota

Larry Baggert's Trail of Tears, near Rolla, Missouri

Jim Phillips' Horn House, Three Forks, Montanta

Tim Anderson's Little Mansion, Roundup, Montanta

Pathway Through the Bible, Joliet, Montanta

Charles Horn's Sculpture Yard, Oconto, Nebraska

Lonnie Hammargren's House, Las Vegas, Nevada (NOTE: Renamed by new owners to "Paradise Crest Manor.")

Rolling Thunder Park, Imlay, Nevada

Joseph Laux's Fairy Garden, Deptford, New Jersey

Ricky Boscarino's Luna Parc, Sandyston Township, New Jersey

Wilberforce Sylvester's House, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Ra Paulette Art Cave at Origin at Rancho de San Juan Resort, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

Steve Campanella's Bensonhurst Statue House, Brooklyn, New York

Circle Museum (AKA Bijan's Junk Art), Austerlitz, New York

Harvey Fite's Opus 40, Saugerties, New York

Roy Kanwit's Taconic Sculpture Park, Chatham, New York

Veronica Terrillion's Sculpture Garden, Indian River, New York

Wing's Castle, Millbrook, New York

Mary Paulsen's Mary's Gone Wild, Supply, North Carolina

Gene Dillard's Mosaic House, Durham, North Carolina

The Enchanted Highway, between Gladstone and Regent, North Dakota

The Albert Wagner Museum, Cleveland, Ohio

Winceworld, Columbus, Ohio

Worden's Ledges, Hinckley, Ohio

Randy Gibson's Randyland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jody Pendarvis' UFO Welcome Center, Bowman, South Carolina

Porter Sculpture Park, Montrose, South Dakota

St. Peter's Rock Grotto, Farmer, South Dakota

Anthony Turner's Master Barber Shop and Menagerie Museum, Brownsville, Tennessee

Floyd Banks' Fortress of Faith (AKA Greenback Castle), Greenback, Tennessee

Millennium Manor, Alcoa, Tennessee

Ho Baron's Sculpture Garden, El Paso, Texas

Gene Cockrell's Sculpture Yard, Canadian, Texas

The totems of Felix "Fox" Harris on display at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas

Jonas Perkins' Home & Studio, near Fredericksburg, Texas

Carl's Critter Garden, Hanksville, Utah

Gilgal Sculpture Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah

Ralphael Plescia's "Christian School", Salt Lake City, Utah

Bob Cage's Cage Sculpture Farm, South Boston, Virginia

Permanent exhibit of Anderson Johnson's Art & Home, Newport News, Virginia

Causland Memorial Park, Anacortes, Washington

Gehrke Windmill Garden, Electric City, Washington

Dick and Jane's Spot, Ellensburg, Washington

Madeline Buol Grotto, relocated to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The Klatt Houses Garden, North Prairie, Wisconsin

The Painted Forest, Valton, Wisconsin

Wouterina's Garden, Beldenville, Wisconsin

Mel Gould's Buryville, Cheyenne, Wyoming

In Memoriam:
Art Environments
No Longer Extant or
In Severe Disrepair

*Listed by state, in alphabetical order

  The Shell Fence, St. Petersburg, Florida

  The African-American Heritage Museum, Aurora, Illinois

  Dan Slaughter's Sculpture Park, McGregor, Iowa

  Germantown Backyard, Louisville, Kentucky

  Everhart Maupin's House, Lexington, Kentucky

  In-Curiosity, Aberdeen, Mississippi

  Margaret's Grocery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

  Casa de Colores, Las Vegas, New Mexico

  Studio Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Chamisal, New Mexico

  Tattoo Tammy's Tiny Town, Madrid / Cerrillos, New Mexico

  Helen's Garden, Santa Fe, New Mexico

  The Totem Tree, Cayuga County, New York

  The (Toledo) Garden of Eden, Toledo, Ohio

  Henri Bernhardt's Yard Sculptures, Spartanburg, South Carolina

  Powers Rock Garden, Chamberlain, South Dakota

  The Sculpture Garden of Eliseo Alvarado, San Antonio, Texas

  The Eye of the World, Beaumont, Texas

  The Fan Man's Third World, Houston, Texas

  The Flower Man's House, Houston, Texas

  Richard Gilliam's House, San Antonio, Texas

  Australia Glenn's House, Dallas, Texas

  The Hyde Park Miniature Museum, Houston, Texas

  Sam Mirelez's Birdhouse Yard, San Antonio, Texas

  Beauty Bee Palmer's Pray House, Dallas, Texas

  Ray's Ornamental Gardens, Stephenville, Texas

  Richart's Ruins (The Art Yard), Centralia, Washington

  Paul Hefti's Yard, La Crosse, Wisconsin

  St. Stanislaus Rock Garden, Berlin, Wisconsin

Links to More
Art Environments
No Longer Extant or
In Severe Disrepair

*Listed by state, in alphabetical order

Rev. George Paul Kornegay's House of the Apocalypse, Brent, Alabama (EITHER IN SEVERE DISREPAIR OR NO LONGER EXTANT)


Gus Brethauer's Garden (Somewhere Over the Rainbow), Phoenix, Arizona (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Jerry Hall's World of Imagination, Tucson, Arizona (NO LONGER EXTANT)

John Guidici's Capidro, Palo Alto, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Charley Kasling's Driftwood Charley's World of Lost Art, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Albert Glade's Enchanted Garden, Chico, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Sanford Darling's House of 1,000 Paintings, Santa Barbara, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Peter Mason Bond's Peace Garden, San Francisco, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Calvin and Ruby Black's Possum Trot, Yermo, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

World's Wonder View Tower, Genoa, Colorado (IN SEVERE DISREPAIR)

Elizabeth Tashjian's Nut Museum, Old Lyme, Connecticut (contents have occasionally been displayed)

Dilmus Hall's "Devil's Drinking Party Yard Show", Athens, Georgia (NO LONGER EXTANT)

J.B. "Billy (or Billie)" Lemming's Red, White & Blue Cabin, near Trion, Georgia (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Aldobrando (Aldo) Piacenza's Birdhouse Yard Show, Highwood, Illinois (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved sculptures in several museum collections)

Harry Marks' Harry's Dog House, Humesston, Iowa (Only remnants remain)

Ed Root's Sculpture Yard, Wilson, Kansas (NO LONGER EXTANT / sculptures relocated to the Grassroots Arts Center in Lucas, Kansas)

Dave Woods's Sculpture Yard, Humboldt, Kansas (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Henry Dorsey's The Attraction, Brownsboro, Kentucky (NO LONGER EXTANT)

David Butler's House & Yard Show, Patterson, Louisiana (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Royal Robertson's House, Baldwin, Louisiana (NO LONGER EXTANT)

7 Wonders of God's Creatures, Houlton, Maine (IN SEVERE DISREPAIR)

Silvio's Italian-American Museum and Pizzaria, Detroit (Redford), Michigan (EITHER IN SEVERE DISREPAIR OR NO LONGER EXTANT)

Joe Suilmann's Museum, Wabasha, Minnesota (NO LONGER EXTANT)

L.V. Hull's House, Kosciusko, Mississippi (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Jesse Howard's Sorehead Hill, West Fulton, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved signage in several museum collections)

Lewis Greenberg's "Holocaust Revisted", Ballwin, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Claude Melton's Christian Nativity Rock Museum, Kearney, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT / display at the Kearney Historic Museum)

Jesse Howard's Sorehead Hill, West Fulton, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved signage in several museum collections)

Marcus Wolf's Wolf City, Missoula, Montanta (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Kea Tawana's Ark, Newark, New Jersey (NO LONGER EXTANT) / Video on Kea's Ark

Angelo Nardone's Villa Capri, Nutley, New Jersey (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Joe Furey's Apartment, Brooklyn, New York (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Bob Smith's Land of Broken Dreams, Liverpool, New York (PRESUMED NO LONGER EXTANT)

Clarence Schmidt's House of Mirrors, Woodstock, New York (NO LONGER EXTANT)

The sculptures of Placido Tobasso, Utica, New York (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Baughman Park, near Frazeysburg, Ohio (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Winter Zero Swartsel's Bottle Farm, Farmersville, Ohio (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Joseph (Joe) Muhlbacher's house, near Cheyenne, Oklahoma (IN DISREPAIR)

Loren Finch's El Fincho Rancho, Agate Beach, Oregon (NO LONGER EXTANT)

The Minister's Treehouse, Crossville, Tennessee (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Ida Kingsbury's House, Pasadena, Texas (NO LONGER EXTANT / sculptures relocated to the Grassroots Arts Center in Lucas, Kansas)

The Rainbow House, Vancouver, Washington (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Walker Rock Garden, Seattle, Washington (as of Summer 2021, only portions remain)

Albert Zahn's Bird's Park, Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved sculptures in several museum collections)

Mollie Jenson's Zoo and Museum, River Falls, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Rudy Rotter's Museum of Sculpture, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Sarasville, Cheyenne, Wyoming (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Other Visionary Artists
and Art Environments

  A Tribute to Mr. Imagination

  The Art of the Bily Brothers, Spillville, Iowa

  Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

  The Art of Shawn Corbett

  The Art of Mark Fox, San Leon, Texas

  The Biblical Monuments of Donald Keeney, San Angelo, Texas

  Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

  The Art of Tammy Jean Lange (AKA Tattoo Tammy)

  The Art & Architecture of Charlie Stagg, Vidor, Texas

  Timmyland, near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  The Art of Ras Wayne Vicks

all photos copyright Lawrence Harris except for Gene Hochhalter's photos of The Boyer Gallery

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