"A pot of gold was found at the end of the Rainbow House."

It was a dark and dreary day for the end of the Rainbow House on August 11, 1999. After a sunny week, clouds and cold air moved over Vancouver, Washington. At the same time, the shadow of the Moon, totally eclipsing the sun, streaked across the North Atlantic, Europe and on to India.

A yellow, Tyrannosaurus-like machine arrived on 15th St. and began taking great bites out of the 80-year-old house. It's jaws peeled away layer after layer of colors and patterns. As each wall and ceiling fell to be crushed and lifted into a waiting truck, another wall of colors, triangles and stars became visible behind it until there were no more. In two hours, the rainbow had been eclipsed.

A pot of "gold" was found at the end of the Rainbow House. It holds the memories of neighbors who grew to defend the house that started out as a neighborhood "eyesore" and to love its rough-edged creator. And it contains the good times Lloyd "Ace" Parsons and his wife Claire provided to countless visitors from around the world who stopped by to see the unique work of art. They were delighted to find a host who enjoyed visiting with them, telling stories about the house, offering tours of the inside and providing a covered picnic area for their families.

The rubble is now buried in an Oregon landfill. The only remains of this bit of Americana are photographs, small souvenirs saved by community members such as County Commissioner Craig Pridemore, and many memories.

"Ace" Parsons added one of the most colorful patches to the rich quilt of history covering Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Visionary artist, Lloyd "Ace" Parsons.

Interior basement wall seen behind rubble (above). After cleanup, it was filled with dirt. Fading colors on sidewalk remain for now.

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Clark Co. Commissioner Judie Stanton reads a proclamation during award presentation  for Lloyd "Ace" Parsons at the Rainbow House May 20, 1999.


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