Clark County closed escrow on the home in mid-May. The Soroptimist International of SW Washington held a sale of the contents of the Rainbow House Saturday, May 22, 1999. They raised around $3,500 with proceeds divided between Mr. Parsons and the American Cancer Society.

Hundreds of items, including dolls, mirror balls, beads, music boxes, flowered shirts, lamps, records, doors, shutters, gates and more went to friends, neighbors and community members wanting a souvenir. (A number bought sets of these photographs.) Many just came to tour the interior, to take a few pictures and to share with anyone who would listen, stories of past visits to the Parsons' colorful home. More than a few tears were shed.

A few weeks later, County Commissioners presented Ace with a scrapbook, photo album and a certificate of appreciation for his contribution to our cultural heritage.

Rainbow House

Porch panel (above); Closet doors with mirror tiles (below).

Dolls and pictures displayed on the day of the sale (left).

Basement ceiling seen from floor level (below).

Claire and "Ace" Parsons (left) and the Rainbow Car (below). Photos: by neighbor Darlene Aylor.

Road plans had been redesigned to spare the Rainbow House.

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